Tuesday, May 6, 2014

How Forbes calculates net worth

Forbes is the number one business magazine which usually release the celebrity net worth and their annual salary figures. You might be wondering how do forbes calculate such complex and hidden thins about celebs.

Network of Forbes is so strong and that's why they can easily reach to root of exact earning figure for any personalities. You might have see Top 500 company, Top debut on current year, Top 500 riches celebrity and now Forbes also categories their numbers for ease of usage. Like as they release Top riches Hollywood actress and actors, Top highest earning businessmen, Top 100 highest paid CEO and Top 100 riches sports person.

Bil Gates and warren buffett are two businessmen who almost every time rank in Top list of riches celebrity. However there are some other new names that you might haven't heard earlier. Due to recent internet activities, Facebook is growing day by day and which make Mark Zuckerberg wealthier than ever. He is also now coming in Top 10 riches celebs list and if Facebook continue to grow like this then it may possible that Mark may leads entire world in terms of wealth.

In order to calculate the total net worth anybody, Forbes first see who is he/she? Lets say if they are businessmen then Forbes check their shares in their company and based on current market value they calculate their wealth and nowadays most of company show their expenses, which includes salary of employee and CEO. Based on that Forbes get number of salary for any CEOs and finally prepare the list of Toppers in this game of earning huge and huge money.

Same rule applies to Hollywood celebrity, Here they also checks number of hit movies and other revenue streams. We will regularly update you with the most accurate method that Forbes uses to build the list of highly riches personality.