Saturday, March 8, 2014

Best Ways to download Cydia

Cydia was founded by saurik on 2009 and since then there are millions of Apple user who download and install Cydia that on their iDevice. If you're Apply user and want to get different place to get apps, sources, mods, tweaks, themes and templates then Cydia is only for you.

What is Cydia?
It is kind of software that any iPhone, iPad or iPod users can install on their device. By using that you can access thousands of free and high quality paid apps, tweaks and themes. It is for all those who want change from official Apple's store. These third party store comes with 5 to 6 default repository that contains huge numbers of stuff for you.

How to Get Cydia?
If you want to download Cydia on your device then you first need to Jailbreak. Jailbreak is the process that simply access root of your device and allow you to access anything on your iPhone/iPad or iPod. Many people says that it is illegal process but fact is that currently more than 2 millions of Apple user already jailbroken their iDevice and successfully use it without any problem.

You can Jailbreak using Evasion, Redsnow and Regbreak kind of tools. Process is simple you just need internet connection and Wi-Fi enabled on your device. At the time of Jailbreaking you'll be asked to get Cydia, Simply say yes and It will automatically install Cydia on your Apple device. If you can't find this option then you should contact Jailbreaking company for that.

Also you can see the Cydia icon on your Homepage. Simply open that and under Sources pages you can see default repo. If you need to add more then you can add by browsing that.