Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Top Lovely and Beautiful Brochure Design

Brochure is the key part for business owners and individual but having beautiful and lovely design make it more promising and appealing to your customers or prospects.

Below are certain things you should keep in your mind while designing your brochure.
  • Keep your colors within your theme, If you're business logo or event theme is on save nature then you should use green color to create good first impression on your prospects.
  • Also you can create brochure based on themes like for Wedding you can use white color, For Birthday try to use balloons, ribbons etc.
  • Don't add too many graphics to your brochure so that nobody can read your actual message. So try to separate text with graphics, Please don't blend them.
  • If having too many pages then you should put convening message at front page, So that anybody can easily identify on which theme or product your brochure is about.
  • Bold the date and venue of your event, So that everyone can easily find that.
  • Make sure to use every curve and color of your company logo are as it is on that, Since many time due to poor graphics designer some color of logo better too dark or light.

Top Lovely and Beautiful Brochure Design :-

Below are some sample brochure designs that you can see and reference from that to create your own brochure.
Brochure from Pinterest 2

Brochure from Pinterest 5

Brochure from Pinterest 7