Monday, July 22, 2013

23andme Discount Coupons 2014

Looking for the 23andme Discount Coupons and promo codes? Don't worry now you can easily research your DNA by purchasing their DNA kit at lowest possible price.

Yes! Forever Design has just got the mail from the 23andme marketing team saying that "We're currently offering our DNA kit at $99 only, Just follow the steps given in this mail and you can examine your DNA or gift the kit to your friends at awesome prices".  Most important thing is you no need to use any 23andMe Discount Code for that.

Isn't it a good deal? Yes! Its best deal I've ever seen and I already used their kit. You just have to click on the buy kit now button and they'll issue the kit your address. After receiving your kit you have to give them it back by providing your few samples which they'll use to test your DNA. Once you'll send them kit with sample they'll send your complete DNA report within few weeks.

Now real fun begins, Since with report you can analysis your family structure, diseases if any and many other important thing will be uncover from that.

So, why are you waiting for? Just use the 23andMe Coupon Codes from many leading sites and blog and place order for your first kit.