Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Styled Wedding Shoot-Max and Molly

Hope you all might have heard about the Molly Jenson, most talented singer and songwriter as well.  Today's this lovely lady has shared her stunning and beautiful wedding photos with me and allow me to share it on Forever Lovely Design. So I'm so much curious to share that photos with you! The passion that these two share for each other doesn't need to be shared in writing, every ounce shows through in their photographs. 

Their stunning photography was done in beachy bohemian styled and photo shoot by the brilliant photographer Katie Neal by getting inspiration from the Imaginarium of Dr. Parnassus and the Kate Moss Gypsy Vogue shoot. 

By seeing their each of the photo you can feel that its so romantic, lovely and natural as well. Bohemian lanterns, plush textiles, flowers saturated with color, fabulous stationary and a table scape decorated with layer upon layer of gorgeous detail.

You should keep your eye upon these lovebirds in the future to get more photography. They'll soon start their own videography business!  You can check more details about new venture at Max and Molly Films or their blog Max and Molly as well.

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