Thursday, April 21, 2011

Creative Ways to Use Wallpaper

As you know that most people are not wallpapering every inch of their walls these days, but still there are so many unique ways you can use wallpaper in your home at most effectively.  The trick is to use it in moderation, a hint here and there, as an accent wall, or in creative decorative ways.  Please check out below few ideas that you would really like:)

Below is the Creative Ways to Use Wallpaper :-
It would be a fun choice if you choose to select Wallpaper on the ceiling in certain spaces!  But you should keep note of using the right choice of pattern and color is important in this situation so that the room isn't overwhelmed by the wallpaper.  A dark color or intricate pattern would cause the room to feel smaller, so base your choice around the size and shape of your space.

You can also use the Wallpaper on the bottom or side of your strairs and make your home beautiful.
Also wallpaper can be used  behind shelves creates such a fun pop of interest and color!

You can keep your wallpaper size according to the size of your room, So that it don't looks ugly.

Happy Decorating from the Forever Lovely Design.